Elisa 0.4.0 Release

Elisa is a music player developed by the KDE community that strives to be simple and nice to use. We also recognize that we need a flexible product to account for the different workflows and use-cases of our users.

We focus on a very good integration with the Plasma desktop of the KDE community without compromising the support for other platforms (other Linux desktop environments, Windows and Android).

We are creating a reliable product that is a joy to use and respects our users privacy. As such, we will prefer to support online services where users are in control of their data.

I am happy to announce the release of 0.4.0 version of the Elisa music player.

The new features are explained in the following posts New features in Elisa, New Features in Elisa: part 2 and Elisa 0.4 Beta Release and More New Features.

There have been a couple more changes not yet covered.

Improved Grid Views Elements

Nate Graham has reworked the grid elements (especially visible with the albums view).

I must confess that I was a bit uneasy with this change (it was a part mostly unchanged since the early versions). I am now very happy about this change.


Getting Involved

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the development of Elisa, including code contributions, testing, and bug reporting and triaging. Without all of you, I would have stopped working on this project.

New features and fixes are already being worked on. If you enjoy using Elisa, please consider becoming a contributor yourself. We are happy to get any kind of contributions!

We have some tasks that would be perfect junior jobs. They are a perfect way to start contributing to Elisa. There are more not yet reported here but reported in bugs.kde.org.

The flathub Elisa package allows an easy way to test this new release.

Elisa source code tarball is available here. There is no Windows setup. There is currently a blocking problem with it (no icons) that is being investigated. I hope to be able to provide installers for later bugfix versions.

The phone/tablet port project could easily use some help to build an optimized interface on top of Kirigami. It remains to be seen how to handle this related to the current desktop UI.


8 thoughts on “Elisa 0.4.0 Release

  1. Elisa “don’t work” with dark themes?
    I use Breeze Dark and Elisa interface is mostly unreadable. Took me time to discover the majority of the buttons, but I still can’t see them.


  2. Any plans to let us configure the size of music file icons? or change from grid view to list view? using Elisa with a non hi-dpi display is quite annoying because you need to scroll a lot 😦


  3. Thank you so much ! The time has come : I permanently switched to Elisa πŸ™‚ It fills a huge gap, with Clementine / Amarok being kinda abandoned. Even under Gnome/Ubuntu it’s now my de facto player.

    Really looking forward to the future πŸ™‚
    My favorite missing features from Clementine is the synchronization of ratings (I’ve been building my music library for 20 years and losing ratings every now and then is depressing πŸ˜‰ and moodbar (yep, it’s quite useful actually, you can spot the different phases within a song, blanks etc. πŸ™‚


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