Last Week Activity in Elisa

Elisa is a music player designed to be simple and nice to use.

I have started again to work on Windows build of the application and a recipe to build Elisa is now integrated in the craft-blueprints-kde repository. It is already quite usable thanks to the portability offered by Qt and KF5 Frameworks and the quality of Craft meta build system.

2017-10-13 14_43_30-Elisa
Snapshot of Elisa on Windows 7

Apart from that, I have integrated the following things:

  • Fix a bug blocking the play when under some conditions asking to enqueue some music and playing immediately would not work ;
  • Fix the display of tracks count in the playlist ;
  • Improve the handling of Elisa application icon such that it is bundled in the executable ;
  • Continue to improve focus handling especially with touch screens ;
  • Add mouse hover effect in the list of view modes (all albums, all artists …).

I am currently working on improvements of error handling when playing music. I also plan to explore using Phonon to have a possibly easier out of the box experience for flatpak and Windows when using the vlc backend. I am getting frustrated by getting missing codec errors from QtMultimedia.

Edit: I added a screenshot of Elisa on Windows 7 as requested.

Last Week Activity in Elisa

Elisa is a music player designed to be simple and nice to use.

Last week, I have worked on focus handling and keyboard navigation. It is now possible to only use the keyboard to do everything possible with a mouse at the exception of filtering by ratings.

A very nice side effect of those modifications is that it is also quite easy to use with a touchscreen like the ones commonly found on laptops.

There are more work to be done in this area but the focus of my work will move to other area in need of love. This is why I have started again fixing bugs already known and described in the phabricator project workboard. I have fixed two bugs:

  • Removal of last track of play list when playing it would block the playlist ;
  • Sometime at start when asking to enqueue and immediately play some tracks, the player would stay paused.

Next week, I will continue to focus my work on finishing what is already started. I do not plan yet to start adding new features.