0.1.1 Release of Elisa

The Elisa team is happy to announce the first bug fix release for the 0.1 version.

The following changes have been integrated:

  • c5bc988 search for more cover names in directory by Alexander Stippich (Fix bug 392843);
  • 5113d00 remove the huge playlist icon by Alexander Stippich (Fix bug 392782).

One important note, Elisa is now available from flathub. Only the stable releases will be distributed through flathub.

Screenshot-2018-4-22 Flathub - A build and distribution service for Flatpak applications(1)
Flathub Elisa page

This release also has a windows setup at the time of release. Thanks a lot to the help from the Craft and binary-factory teams. Without them, I would not be able to do it.

Elisa source code tarball is available here. The Windows installer is also available from this place.

2 thoughts on “0.1.1 Release of Elisa

    1. Yes, but we would like to improve offline experience before moving to online services. For example, we need to collect offline statistics about which music is known by the application and played and … When this is ready, it will be very easy to also push it to last.fm .


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