Last Weeks Activity in Elisa

Elisa is a music player designed to be simple and nice to use. It allows to browse music by album, artist or all tracks. You can build and play your own playlist. We aim to build a fluid interface that is easy to use.

We are preparing for the next alpha release when the following features will be done. Alexander is working on a metadata view for tracks. I am working on cleaning the different grid views into a generic one.

Diego Gangl did several modifications of the interface as part of the interactions with KDE VDG.

All in all, Elisa now looks like that:

Snapshot of album view including the changed application menu

The following things have been integrated in Elisa git repository:

  • Fix modification of files with DatabaseInterface::modifyTracksList by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • This patch increases the blur in the headerbar background, increases contrast
    between background and text, and brings the labels closer together by Diego Gangl ;
  • Tune appearance of all albums and all artists views by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Fix wrong id reference in FilterBar by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • In all models, calls base class roleNames before adding new role names by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Simplify the definition of custom roles in all models by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Allow MusicArtist to be stored in a QVariant by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Allow to enqueue artist in MediaPlayList by using MusicArtist objects by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Change height of delegate in GridView by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Fix a typo in the imported tracks notification by Diego Gangl ;
  • Make shadows centered and slightly larger. Fits better with other shadows in the
    desktop (like dolphin and widgets), and it also aligns with the new shadows for
    breeze (D9549) by Diego Gangl ;
  • Fixes key arrow navigation in list and gridviews and implements enter and return key actions for delegates by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Allow elisa to open any external files, scan them and enqueue them by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Syncs the windows theme file with the current main theme file. Removes bundled icons for windows which are not needed as proven by ViewSelector.qml, but also tested on windows by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Make the delegates more appealing when using a dark theme also add hover animations while keeping the loader component by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Fix keyboard navigation for album artist view too by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Move all icon and image definitions to theme file and make some consistency fixes. In anticipation of a colorized version of the artist image, there are two definitions which currently hold the same icon. Also enables the display of a default cover in context view by Alexander Stippich ;
  • qml profiler shows a few percent of cpu time spent just for the creation for simple buttons for the delegates. cut this by loading on demand by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Try to find png files for covers if jpegs do not exist can probably be made a lot smarter than this, but kept it simple for now by Alexander Stippich ;
  • Try to fix build (as seen on by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • Re-order menu items to fit better with the order used in other KDE applications by Diego Gangl.



6 thoughts on “Last Weeks Activity in Elisa

    1. We have no plans to replace JuK.
      A few years ago, you had the choice to use amarok, juk, bangarang and maybe others that I have forgotten. They were not replacement for each others but different ways to build a music player. Elisa is also a different music player not trying to replace any one.


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