Last Weeks Activity in Elisa

Elisa is a music player designed to be simple and nice to use. It allows to browse music by album, artist or all tracks. You can build and play your own playlist. We aim to build a fluid interface that is easy to use.

Alexander has made yet another round of improvements to the UI and especially improved a lot the playlist by making it more fluid. It really feels much better now (at least for me).

I have added the possibility to load or save playlists. It is currently restricted to tracks already known to Elisa. More work is needed to support any audio files.

Current state of the interface.

The following things have been integrated in Elisa git repository:

  • delete outdated todo list by Alexander Stippich ;
  • fix player being stuck when same track is played in random mode by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • enhance content view navigation by Alexander Stippich:
    • The backspace key is now also accepted for back navigation in e.g. the artist album view ;
    • A mouse area is added to MediaBrowser to allow back navigation with the mouse backbutton ;
    • Focus is forced on the stackview when arist or album is opened. Without this, the back key navigation is only working when it is actively focused by the user, e.g. by a mouse click ;
  • deduplicate code for the content view and adjust visual appearance by Alexander Stippich ;
  • merge MediaPlayList and PlayListControler to reduce size of code by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • make margins consistent and remove horizontal separator in playlist by Alexander Stippich ;
  • show passive notification when a track fail to play by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • remove context menus by Alexander Stippich ;
  • overhaul RatingStar by Alexander Stippich ;
  • add possibility to load and save a playlist at format m3u from two buttons at bottom of playlist by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • fix problems with dependencies and make some optional ones be required. Require all tier1 dependencies if they are also supported on Windows and
    Android by Matthieu Gallien ;
  • more improvements to playlist by Alexander Stippich:
    • Some more improvements to the playlist. First of all, adds more animations and fixes T6295.
    • Fixes some scaling issues and makes Show Current Track also select the item to highlight it better.
    • Converts actions to use signals
  • shorten the play now and replace play list button text by Alexander Stippich;
  • add a readme for packagers following some feedback in #kde-devel by Matthieu Gallien ;

4 thoughts on “Last Weeks Activity in Elisa

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the help offer.

      I am not sure about what to answer.
      I believe currently there are albums, tracks or artists that need an icon.

      The toolbar behind the playlist is currently using at least one icon originating from amarok. Is it fine for you ?

      The application itself is in need of an icon and a default background for tracks without a cover image.

      Let me know if my answer is not understandable.


  1. Does the Elisa support albums correcty, by separating different CD numbers as CD’s and using the albumb as the album?

    Meaning a album can be a single CD with 12-15 tracks on it, or it can be a multi CD with 12-15+n tracks in it.

    It is annoying that a same album that is split to two or more CD is considired by many so that every CD is a own album, regardless that it is written in metadata that it is just a CD # of the album.


    1. Currently all discs from an album are shown in a single view. Discs are separated by a dedicated header that is showing the disc number.
      Support for that may vary depending on the build. The current windows build does not work. I believe this is due to taglib missing proper support. The other build may have good support for it.


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